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I decided to start killing Terokk, but I totally forgot about how irritating it is to gather the materials needed to summon him.

You have to collect Shadow Dust from the Skettis arrakoa, which you then bring to Severin who will create elixirs of shadow.  Then drink the elixirs of shadow so you can see time-lost arrakoa in Skettis.  Kill them, and gather their time-lost scrolls.  Once you have forty scrolls, you can summon forth the four elite enemies using ten scrolls per summon.  After you have the quest items that each of them drop, bring the four items to Hazzik, who will create a time-lost offering.  Take the offering to the middle of Skettis, and summon Terokk.  Kill him, and wait for him to not drop the trinket you want.

Could they make this any more complicated?


Written by Sarios

September 5, 2010 at 10:55

Posted in World of Warcraft

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